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Bulk Email selling package Solutions offers outstanding email campaign style flexibility and industry leading following and reportage services

About the Service

Bulk Email broadly refers to mail that is mailed and processed in bulk. Sudhamrit combines into one product the usefulness of a mass email package with the pliability of a bulk email net service.

How to use bulk email service??

• Bulk email software is used to send email in large quantities.
• It sends mail via direct send and via SMTP server. The use of bulk email software for spam is almost impossible.
• Bulk email software usually refers to standalone software, while there are bulk emails sending web-based services as well.
• Most Bulk Email Software programs are hosted by third party companies who sell access to their system.
• Customers pay per send or at a fixed monthly rate to have their own user account from which they can manage their contacts and send out email campaigns. Generally the advantage of this type of program is the reliability of the third party vendor and their application.
• Some Bulk Email Software programs are self-hosted like Ultra Mailer or Sendy. The customer buys a license or develops their own program and then hosts the program.

Methods for effective bulk email marketing

• Target audience demographically
• Emphasize on benefits
• Brief and focussed content
• Offer special discounts
• Mention deadlines
• Provide alternatives to communicate .