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Small business with a character and a style unique enough to impress!

Who we are

Sudhamrit, formerly known as Sudhamrit service provider Pvt. Ltd. (SSPL) is specialized in three different categories of services as contact centers, recruitment procedure and consultation for business. We are a comprised of latest technology modern and advanced analysis of business objectives of client and positive approach towards helping them in reaching their goals and hence we are completely set apart from other service providers. We cater our customized solutions to customers so as they connect and establish a relationship with their shoppers located globally.

We care for our work

We strive to make our solutions for our customers entirely different from other service providers in order to let them achieve their business’ goals and objectives.

We are not a dominating service provider of IT solution in spite of that we believe in serving our clients as a servant leader corporation expert in catering innovative services and give one of a kind customer experiences.

Our Benefits
24x7 Services.
We focus on changing purchasers’ mind so that he can relate and build a connection with clients’ organization and our client at last gain maximum shares in market.

Our Benefits?

Get enhanced and expanded sales
every business has to face challenges regarding generation of leads but we cater our services that play a vital role in conversion of leads’ sales.

Management of leads with specified categories
we have expert and professional lead generation team who have years of experience in this sectored. All of them specifically provide assistance for each kind of product and solution.

Expertise in setting of appointment
the primary step of sales is lead generation we therefore, understanding this aspect we create a relationship with business leads and business owners and set apt appointment.


Recruitment Services

Recruiting workers is a terribly essential part of any business and it pays to try to to it properly.
Sudhamrit is well aware of the importance of 'getting it right'.

ABOUT THE COMPANY... Sudhamrit, formerly Sudhamrit Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (SSPL).!

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